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There are a million different places to find information to help me with all stages of writing.  I find a good one, use bits and pieces of the information, apply what I can to my manuscript.  But then when I want to go back and refer to the source again I struggle locating it, more often than not wasting tons of valuable time.  I'm starting this page with that in mind.  These are tidbits of help I've found and use repeatedly.  This will be an ever-growing list.  And, as always, if you have any suggestions, please post them in the comments so I can add them :)

Chris Brogan's 23 essential elements of sharable blog
Chris Brogan's 27 blogging secrets
Jane Friedman's blogging for writers
problogger's foundations of a successful
Michael Hyatt's 10 ways to create a better about page for your blog
Top 10 Blogging Tips
Cookie's Chronicles blog hops
Vickie Motter at Navigating the Slush Pile
Matthew Stibbe at Bad Language
Guardian Culture Professionals Network's Top Tips for a Successful Blog
Search Engine Journal blog directories to submit your blog
About.com's Tips to Increase Blog Traffic
Problogger Random Blog Tip Include an About Page
Robert Lee Brewer's 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
Robert Lee Brewer's SEO Tips for Writers

Red flag list
Janice Hardy's red flag list
Fiction Writers Mentor editing checklist
blogher's Cathy Bryant's top 20 editing checklist
beabetterwriter.com  with Pearl Luke creative writing tips
self editing by Lori Handeland
Those Pesky Red Flag Words by Ginny McBlain
Ali Hale at Daily Writing Tip's Using the Active Voice
William Strunk's The Elements of Stylehttp at Bartleby.com
Grammar Girl's Active Voice vs Passive Voice
Grammar Girl's How to Write Clear Sentences
Purdue's Online Writing Lab Changing Passive to Active Voice
Tameri Guide for Writers: Words and Phrases to Avoid
Peggy Eddleman: Will Write For Cookies How do you know when your manuscript is ready?
Write It Sideways: Are These Filter Words Weakening Your Fiction?
Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips For Better Writing: How to Avoid Cliches
A Writer's Journey: A List to Focus on While Line Editing

Terri Coop at Readin', Ritten', & Rhetoric on Flash Ficiton
Wikipedia on Flash Fiction
G W Thomas at Fiction Factor on Writing Flash Fiction
Jason Gurley at Writing World on Flash What? A Quick Look at Flash Fiction
S Joan Popek's Flashing Your Setting
Cheek Teeth's What is Flash Fiction

Holly Lisle's How to Format a Manuscript
Wikipedia's Manuscript Format
Daily Writing Tips 16 Manuscript Format Guidelines
Nathan Bransford's Formatting Your Manuscript
Moira Allen at Writing-World.com A Quick Guide to Manuscript Format

50 things your manuscript is judged on
theguardian: Ten rules for writing fiction (part one)
theguardian: Ten rules for writing fiction (part two)
Joumana Medlej's Emotions and Facial Expressions

Jennifer Laughran's blog about genre
ezinearticles.com genre, word count rules subgenres, and guidelines for getting published
Sierra Gardner's know thy genre
AgentQuery genre descriptions
Writers Digest genre definitions
Novel Novice's ya genres
the difference between middle grade ya
YA Highway's dysoptian vs apocalypse genre confusion
Book Country's genre map

Writing Killer Loglines by Stina Lindenblatt
Story Sensei's elevator pitch
Nathan Bransford's blog How to write one sentence pitch
Amie Kaufman's catch my pitch
Janice Hardy' Here's the Pitch
Hallie Ephron Crafting Your Pitch
Michelle McLean's How to Write a Hook Line or Logline
Christopher Lockhart's Construction of a Logline
Sisters in Scribe The Two Minute Elevator Pitch
Susan Hill's blog Would You Read It?
Anna R Allen's Blog: Hooks, Loglines and Pitches: What Every Writer Needs to Know
Writers Store: Writing Loglines that Sell

Shelli @ Market My Words
Check Wendig at Terrible Minds on 25 Things Writers Should Know About Agents
Shelli at Market My Words: The Schizophrenic Indie Pubber
BookEnds, LLC Publishing Dictionary

Nathan Bransford's Should you Self-Publish? Ten Questions to Ask Yourself
Jennifer Mattern's 4 Reasons to Consider Indie Publishing
Indie: Publishing Rides the Waves by Joanne Huspek at seattlepi.com

The Public Query Slushpile
Query Goblin
Mindy McGinnis's blog Writer Writer Pants on Fire Saturday Slash
Query Shark
Mother. Write. (Repeat.)
Lindsay N Currie's Tiptoe Kisses Blog
Cupid's Literary Connection

writersdigest 3 paragraph query
query mistakes
Nathan Bransford's blog on query letters
Literary Rambles formating a query letter
Query Shark
Susan Dennard's parts of a good query
Elana Johnson's writing the query letter
Kristen Nelson's Pubrants
Oasis for YA 10 tips to writing a great query
Vickie Motter's January Query Time: What not to include
Vickie Motter's January Query Time: What it's not
Vickie Motter's January Query Time: What to include
Operation Awesome Query Workshop: Comparative Titles
Kat at Kat Loves Books How To: Write a query letter to a literary agent

Writers Digest 12 day plan of simple writing

Jane Friedman novel-synopsis
Oasis for YA
Oasis for YA Nikki's Nailing Your Synopsis
Oasis for YA SA Larsen's Synopsis Checklist 101
Susan Dennard's How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis
David Powers King: Aspiring Advice: The Mini-Synopsis Outline

Angela James at Nice Mommy-Evil Editor: 10 things authors should know about Twitter
Janet Reid's How to find yourself blocked from my twitter feed
Suzie Townsend at Confessions: The Perils of Social Networking
All Twitter 5 Twitter Secrets To Becoming Highly Visible In Your Niche
Robert Lee Miller's Top Tweeter for Writers to Follow on Twitter
Mashable's Twitter Guide Book
Rafe Needleman's Newbie's guide to Twitter
Lost Art of Blogging's A Guide To Twitter: Why It's So Great And How To Effectively Use It
Darren Rowse at PROBLOGGER: How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog
Darren Rowse at PROBLOGGER: How to Use Twitter--Tips for Bloggers
Scott Hanselman's How To Twitter--First Steps and a Twitter Glossary
Twiends How To Twitter
Nathan Bransford on How to Use Twitter
Nathan Bransford on How to use the Twitter @Reply

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