Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What do you like on a blog?

I'm quickly approaching the year mark for blogging and feel the need for some overhauling. I've played with format and layout, occasionally added a gadget or two, but mostly the changes have been small tweaks. I'm thinking I need to take a poll on what people like and don't like about blogs to help me improve Writing with Hope.

One thing that drives me nuts on other people's blogs (besides CAPTCHAS--if you have them, disable them NOW please--here's a post from JA Bennet on how to do that) is not being able to find the FOLLOW ME button. I hate it when I arrow up, down, up, down and can't figure out how to say, "YES, I want to read your stuff!" I feel so old and like a technical failure.

I know people have a preference on comment boxes (again, GET RID OF CAPTCHAS!) and I'd like to know your preference on that and all those other little things scrolling beside the post. I'm sure there are linky things and add-ons I have no clue about and maybe need on my blog.

Depending on comments, I might attempt one of those actual poll-gadget-thingies, then I can get statistical data and share what I learn :) So please, pretty please, let us know your druthers (my mom would be so proud that I just worked in a-man-you're-old word on here! Druthers = preferences to those of you who don't have a mom who says near-extinct words like that).

So here are my blogging questions for you :)

1. What is your favorite part on other people's blogs?

2. What are your pet peeves?

3. What makes you a follower?

4. What are the most important gadgets to have?

5. What page tabs/links do you enjoy?

**Have you seen something really cool lately?**

AND . . . after you tell me your blogging preferences, check out Cassie's interactive interview with her agent today :) Hop over to Reading, Writing, and Lovin' It! to get your questions answered by Brittany Booker of the Corvisiero Literary Agency!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Deana Barnhart is hosting another year of Gearing Up To Get An Agent! 

Deana Barnhart

There will be a meet-and-greet, a pitch polish, two contests with 11 agents and 7 small presses, prizes, agent/editor interviews, and much more! This month-long blogfest takes place in September, so get over to Deana's blog and sign up on the linky to take part in this awesome blogfest! 

Will you be one of the people who snag an agent this year during GUTGAA

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Team Love Story

Thank you Morgan ShamyMark Koopmans, Leigh Covington, and Cassie Mae for this twisted blogfest! Awesome idea! 

To enter:
Think of your favorite "well known" fairytale and ask "What If…!"
Then, pick one of these four categories:
· Best Plot Twist
· Best Love Story
· Best Tragedy
· Best Comic Relief
Finally, write a scene(s) illustrating a new detail of the fabled fairy tale that changes our perspective.
Post your flash fiction story (300 word max) any time this week (August 13 to 17).

Here is my twisted tale for TEAM LOVE STORY:

           “Who’s there?” a husky voice asks from the bedroom.
            She places the heavy basket near the door without a sound, tiptoeing to the threshold, peaking inside to find him lying beneath the quilts. Her heart weeps for what she must do.
            “Go away.” A guttural sound backs up the quiet warning.
            Removing her cloak, she strides to the chair and sets it down, stealing glances of him filling the bed. She breathes in the hurt and longing before stepping closer.
            He rolls to his side, grunting when her sleight weight ushers a squeak from the mattresses. “You shouldn’t be here.”
            “But I am.”
            With lightning quick speed, he flips to face her, using his best bone-chilling grimace meant to frighten her away. “Go!”
            “I can’t.” Her trembling hand reaches forward.
            He shies from her touch. “My eyes, they’re too big.”
            “Big enough to see into my soul.” Her finger smoothes his furrowing brow, traces the downy fur of his cheek to his full lips.
            He sinks into the pillows, turning his face from her. “My mouth is too large.”
            She hooks a thumb under his chin. “Better to kiss me with.” Her body leans into his chest, lips a moment from his.
            Massive hands grip her arms, pushing her away. “My hands.” He looks to where furry paws wrap around pale skin, anguish clawing his large features. “Too big for something so delicate.” He drops them to the bedspread, dark eyes following, anything to look away from the caring beauty in red.
            “Wolf,” she slips her palm over his, “Your hands are meant for me.”
            His too big eyes find hers, too big hands pulling her to him, and they meet—sweetness mixing with primal.
            A growl of pleasure echoes before the knife slides into his enormous heart.

Okay, so it started off as an intended tale of love. Maybe I should switch to team Tragedy, or twist them together to make team Tragic Love Story . . . 

Check out their blogs for more info on prizes and to read the other twisty-turny-retellings!

Blogfest with Cassie, Leigh, Mark, and Morgan!

Team Plot Twist – Cassie Mae
Team Love Story - Morgan Shamy
Team Tragedy - Leigh Covington
Team Comic Relief - Mark Koopmans

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yippeee! Yahooo!


Two more super talented writers, amazing cps, and dear friends--Jenny and Kelley--are agented! They'll be represented by Brittany Booker from the Corvisiero Literary Agency!

So excited for you, ladies! And for Already There!

Go congratulate them and hear more of their stories at Jenny's Imaginary World and Kelley Lynn's Adventures Between the Bookends!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Best of the Best--Flash Fiction

"So, you're telling me flash fiction is quick-paced, gripping, and twisted, just like flying, Goose?"
"Exactly, Mav. Plus, if you're inverted, that helps to add another unsuspected element."

I haven't done a Best of the Best for a while, and with the What if? Fairytale Madness blogfest going on this week with Cassie, Leigh, Mark, and Morgan, I thought I'd post some links for people to brush up on flash fiction writing skills to help with their 300 word tangled fairytale scene.

Best of the Best--Flash Fiction:

And to find out more on the WHAT IF? blogfest, click on any of the images to get to Cassie, Leigh, Mark, or Morgan's blogs.

I will post my fairytale flash fiction on Wednesday, hope to see you then!

Happy Writing :)

Friday, August 10, 2012



For those of you who haven't seen every episode of Seinfeld multiple times, this is how you say it . . . 

la, la, la!

Today, I'm over at FFF with Rachel Schiefflebein who is part of the anthology Foreign Affairs that was released this week! 

YAY Rachel! 

You can check out her blog, Writing on the Wall here and her interview with me at Falling For Fiction here.

Falling for Fiction

Happy writing :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mommy, you need to be grounded from your computer!

Summer is here in the lovely Washington, but I wouldn't know it. I've been hibernating behind my laptop, pounding out Pigeon's story, so lost in her mind at times an hour or two can pass without a thought about my own world. Until one of my children need something, like food or a band aid. I look around for my husband. Am I really expected to be a mother and a writer? What world are they living in?

Seriously though, they've all been super supportive of my reclusive writing. My husband tells me to go write while he takes the kids to visit grandparents, plays outside, even goes to the beach without me. Trust me, this is a big step for him and I'm glad they're getting extra bonding time with just Dad.

But the other day, they were getting on their bikes and didn't even ask if I wanted to join them.

What have I done?

Have I become such a writer my family no longer expects me to be part of the fun? The memories?

I'm very proud of myself for writing Birds of a Feather in one month. However, it eats me up inside to think I must sacrifice one thing for another, afraid to step away mid scene fearing I won't find my way back into Pigeon's emotions. I'm coming to realize, the writer in me has grown. The connection I feel for this story is strong. I can find her when I need to.

Hopefully, after a little breather, when it's time to edit, I won't be grounded from my computer :)

Happy writing :)