Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Team Love Story

Thank you Morgan ShamyMark Koopmans, Leigh Covington, and Cassie Mae for this twisted blogfest! Awesome idea! 

To enter:
Think of your favorite "well known" fairytale and ask "What If…!"
Then, pick one of these four categories:
· Best Plot Twist
· Best Love Story
· Best Tragedy
· Best Comic Relief
Finally, write a scene(s) illustrating a new detail of the fabled fairy tale that changes our perspective.
Post your flash fiction story (300 word max) any time this week (August 13 to 17).

Here is my twisted tale for TEAM LOVE STORY:

           “Who’s there?” a husky voice asks from the bedroom.
            She places the heavy basket near the door without a sound, tiptoeing to the threshold, peaking inside to find him lying beneath the quilts. Her heart weeps for what she must do.
            “Go away.” A guttural sound backs up the quiet warning.
            Removing her cloak, she strides to the chair and sets it down, stealing glances of him filling the bed. She breathes in the hurt and longing before stepping closer.
            He rolls to his side, grunting when her sleight weight ushers a squeak from the mattresses. “You shouldn’t be here.”
            “But I am.”
            With lightning quick speed, he flips to face her, using his best bone-chilling grimace meant to frighten her away. “Go!”
            “I can’t.” Her trembling hand reaches forward.
            He shies from her touch. “My eyes, they’re too big.”
            “Big enough to see into my soul.” Her finger smoothes his furrowing brow, traces the downy fur of his cheek to his full lips.
            He sinks into the pillows, turning his face from her. “My mouth is too large.”
            She hooks a thumb under his chin. “Better to kiss me with.” Her body leans into his chest, lips a moment from his.
            Massive hands grip her arms, pushing her away. “My hands.” He looks to where furry paws wrap around pale skin, anguish clawing his large features. “Too big for something so delicate.” He drops them to the bedspread, dark eyes following, anything to look away from the caring beauty in red.
            “Wolf,” she slips her palm over his, “Your hands are meant for me.”
            His too big eyes find hers, too big hands pulling her to him, and they meet—sweetness mixing with primal.
            A growl of pleasure echoes before the knife slides into his enormous heart.

Okay, so it started off as an intended tale of love. Maybe I should switch to team Tragedy, or twist them together to make team Tragic Love Story . . . 

Check out their blogs for more info on prizes and to read the other twisty-turny-retellings!

Blogfest with Cassie, Leigh, Mark, and Morgan!

Team Plot Twist – Cassie Mae
Team Love Story - Morgan Shamy
Team Tragedy - Leigh Covington
Team Comic Relief - Mark Koopmans


  1. That was really beautifully written! I felt every word of it!

  2. Wow! That had me gripped from start to finish. Great story!

  3. Hey Hope,

    GREAT writing... had me allll the way, but if this is your version of a Love Story, remind me not to get on the wrong side of you :)

    (I was thinking they were about to elope before she shanked him !!!)

    Nice twist (of the knife :)

    1. It was my intention until I needed a twist at the end :) What's love without pain? :)

  4. Amazing work here!! I'm with Kyra.. I felt every word.

  5. Ohh, that ending was a surprise. Red's not such a nice girl after all. :)

  6. Wow, I love it! That was laden with tension. Very, very interesting twist on that one!!!

  7. I'm so dumb. I was thinking Beauty and the Beast the whole way through, then I was like... wait! Lol.

    Beautiful writing, as always. :)

    1. I like to keep my characters vague, a very bad habit :)

  8. Chilling! I love the line "sweetness mixing with primal" - great job!

  9. Poor wolf. He never gets a break. Good job!

  10. That was really good. I loved your words, and yes, that was really sad at the end. Good job.

  11. I did not see that coming even though you warned me! lol. Great job. The pace flowed and the emotion really carried the piece beautifully. :)

  12. Ohhhhhhhkay... I think I swooned half-way through and had to start reading again when I cme to... Serious. I loved this. I TOTALLY felt it! And super clever ;)

  13. This covers more than one category! Very smart. It's a love story with a tragic twist...
    I love the way you sustained tension throughout!

  14. Such a tragic love story. Keep your current team, it fits your story. Best of luck Hope.

  15. OMG. Loved this! Yes- it's definitely a tragic love story, but aren't most of them? Excellent twist!
    A2Z Mommy and What’s In Between

  16. Wow, I second the others who say a tragic love story! Beautiful writing, too! :D

  17. Oh my goodness! I'm so sad! What a fabulous job you did writing this tragic tale! I seriously thought they were going to get it on, and then the knife... My mouth dropped open, for real. Great writing!

  18. Tragic love story indeed! Oh my gosh! You did wonderfully though! Beautifully written!

  19. That Red is one great actress. I too thought they would kiss or something. Love this twist.

  20. This could so be Team Tragic Love Twist! Great GREAT great job! That Red is a sneaky one ;)

    Writing Through College

  21. OMG, that was so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! :) Loved it.

  22. The tragedy really came over here. I felt so bad for the wolf!

  23. Hi, Hope,

    Popped over from the blogfest. It's nice to meet you.

    WOW... what a knife twister? That was a great unexpected climax....Excellent scene building!

    We must be on the same wavelength, I featured RRHood too... Drop by my blog if you get the chance. You will get a good laugh....

  24. Emotion and a killer twist. Wonderful piece, Hope.

    Have a great weekend.

  25. Oh that was so sad, excellently written though. I could really feel Red's pain, and I got the impression she knew Wolf as a human. :(

  26. Felicitations! A great win for Team Love story!

  27. So sorry it took me so long to read this. It was awesome!!!!! And congrats, this was definitely a winning story.

  28. Hey,

    Congrats on winning the What If contest and this is what I wrote on Morgan's Blog:

    "Does this mean that when it comes to with love, Hope will always win out :)"

  29. Oh my goodness - this is GREAT!!! Except for the ending. *sniff* Talk about wounded hero! LOL :P

  30. Congrats on winning-this was one of my favorites!

  31. Congrats on winning! I'm glad you didn't call this a tragedy, you might have beaten me out of my Team Tragedy win!

    Great job!