Monday, October 29, 2012

Wishing you . . .

a spooctacular Halloween . . .

a thoughtful Thanksgiving . . .

and oodles of ideas for NANO!

I look forward to hearing all about the brilliance flowing in November! But first, one more bit of magic to send out . . .

Congratulations Teresa! Another Falling For Fiction gal is now agented! Woohoo!

Happy writing :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Mistaken by Nancy S Thompson

I've been a follower of Nancy's for a while. I think I first stalked her after reading a sample of her writing on a blog hop and couldn't wait to read more of her stuff :) A bit ago, I saw her book trailer on Lisa L Regan's blog and was blown away. Here it is...

Tyler Karras is an honest man, a transplanted Brit living the American dream, but his charmed life takes an unexpected turn when his brother, Nick, is coerced into joining ranks with San Francisco’s Russian mafia. Ty intervenes to secure Nick’s freedom, yet only succeeds in incurring their wrath. With no choice but to accept Nick’s new life, Ty returns to his own, but his dreams are dashed when his wife—pregnant with their first child—is killed, the victim of a reckless crime.

Despondent and bitter, Ty macerates his grief in alcohol. From the depths of the bottle screams a voice, howling for vengeance. His target is a stranger, the woman who drew his wife toward her death. He doesn’t know her, but he’ll find her, and when he does, he will make her pay, for a deal has been struck with Nick’s Russian associates, enslaving her into a life of bondage. But as Ty moves forward in a cloud of alcohol, he mistakes the wrong woman for his intended victim and now all his plans have gone straight to hell.

With his eyes made clear by the stark reality of his mistake, Ty is driven, compelled by remorse and a relentless sense of guilt to make amends and protect Hannah Maguire, the innocent woman whose life he has derailed. He vows to keep her safe and out of the Russians’ hands, but they’re holding Nick as leverage to force Ty to complete their deal and turn over the girl. Once again, he must fight to free his brother, miring all three lives in further jeopardy. But Ty can’t do it all: Save the girl, his brother and his own soul. One of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.

AMAZING! I know you want to get your hands on Nancy's book right this second so here are the links where you can snag The Mistaken . . .

*The paperback link for B&N is down for unknown reasons & the paperback link on Amazon shows it out of stock. We are aware of the problems and are working on them.  In the mean time, you can buy the paperback directly from Sapphire Star Publishing by clicking on the last link above. Sorry for any inconvenience.*

Coming soon to SonyKoboiBooksDiesel Bookstore, and Baker & Taylor.

Early praise for The Mistaken:

“A deliciously slow burn that builds to a ferocious crescendo, Nancy S. Thompson's THE MISTAKEN kept me riveted until the very last page. Tyler Karras is a complex and flawed protagonist, and his redemptive journey makes him the perfect anti-hero. This psychological suspense is a standout, and I can't wait for Thompson's next book.”
~ Jennifer Hillier, author of CREEP and FREAK

“Nancy S. Thompson's debut novel, The Mistaken, is a first-rate thriller full of hair-raising twists and turns.  Pursued by the police and the Russian mafia in San Francisco, brothers Tyler and Nick Karras are fascinating, fully-drawn, desperate characters.  The action is non-stop.  Thompson's taut, intriguing tale of revenge, mistaken identity, kidnapping and murder will keep you enthralled and entertained.” 
~Kevin O’Brien, New York Times Bestselling Author of DISTURBED and TERRIFIED

“Fast-paced and emotionally gripping - once the ride begins, you won't stop reading until it ends."  ~Alex J. Cavanaugh, author of CASSAFIRE and CASSASTAR

The Mistaken Blog tour:
10/18: Mark Koopmans
10/23:  Julie Musil
10/25:  Matthew MacNish
10/26:  LG Smith
10/27: Aimee Jodoin
10/31:  Jennifer Hillier
11/1:    Angela Peart & Livia Peterson
11/19:  Arlee Bird

Don't forget to visit Visit Nancy’s blog, follow, and leave a comment during her book tour for a chance to win an ARC of The Mistaken. Plus, 5 runner-up winners will each receive an ebook.

You can also find her on her publisher’s website, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Caught you! Now go wash your hands!

At the moment, I am at school, teaching a classroom of twenty-nine second graders probably reading them a story, giving them a spelling test or guiding a step-by-step drawing of a chameleon.                                     

More than likely, I'm asking one of them to get hand sanitizer because I just caught them with their finger up their nose.
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Anyhow, I'm "over" at Falling For Fiction today with the fabulous Emily R King. Come find out why she's so adored in the writing community :)

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Hopes

Thank you Alex, for giving us a chance to vent and commiserate :) 

I wonder how many of you feel like I do right now. Tired. Worn out. Still trying to handle all I'm given, even though my plate is full, heaping. No matter how much I clear, life continues to pile on the seconds, thirds, and fourths. I’ve already unbuttoned the top button of my pants, even changed into a pair like Joey’s turkey/maternity pants (I really hope someone knows what I’m talking about), and there’s no more room! I’m stuffed!

That movie Multiplicity is coming to mind, the one with all the Steves. I’d like a few more Hopes. And even if each copy of a copy isn’t as great as the original, it’d still be better than the current Hope giving less than 100% to a million different things simultaneously.

With my copies, I could send the 50% clone Hope to the grocery store, cause it’s okay if she messes up a bit there. I could have the 60% version made just for household chores, cause a 60% clean house is a heck of a lot better than the not 60% clean house I have right now. I could task the 70% clone to blogging. I know I should probably give more percentage to you guys, but really, if I was getting to 70% of the blogs I wanted to get to, I’d jump up and down for a job well done.
 That leaves the 80% Hope, the 90% Hope, and the 100% Hope to divvy up between momming/wifing, teaching, and writing. Depending on the day, I could pick and choose which me I get to send to which job.

With all these Hopes running around, I could accomplish so much! Obviously the idea behind the original Steve when he cloned the first version of himself in Multiplicity. And right now, I’m too tired to even try to remember what went wrong. I want to at least pretend my plan could work. J
So, imagine you could clone yourself. Pretend you could have your clones take care of all the things on your TO DO list. With all the laundry done, the job taken care of, the carpooling covered, the spouse pampered, the children fed, and the dog walked . . .

What would do with the 100% original version of you?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Reconnecting with Banana Slugs

For one month, our internet was on the fritz. Let me tell ya, not having an online connection could top the list at being the most annoying thing ever! Sure, I can live without it, but we're talking quality of life here. Not being able to email regularly, create blog posts, read blog comments, put books on hold at the library, update my Netflix queue, reply to birthday messages on Facebook, and the million other time-sucking-internet-things-I-do, was driving me insane!

I need this outlet! I need you guys!

Anyhow, after a dozen phone calls (none under 30 minutes), at least five "help tickets" (my ass they're help tickets), and three technicians, we have a new line drilled into our house and a solid green light on our wireless router! SO EXCITING! I can finally attempt to catch up with all of you and find out what you've been up to :)

Thumbnail for version as of 01:34, 2 March 2007And for those of you who read my What I Did Last Summer stories and weren't sure what a banana slug is, here you go . . .

Now, imagine one plopping onto your shoulder. GROSS! Do you have a slug story?

What have you been up to in September?

I'm over at FFF today too with the marvelous Melissa Maygrove. Come check us out :)