Sunday, October 30, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks Cassie Mae @ (my new writer friend and critique partner)!  I'm new a new blogger, not even sure I'm worthy of the term yet, but I accept the compliment graciously :)

Here are the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you. Tell 7 things about yourself so that your readers may learn more about you and nominate 15 other newly discovered bloggers and let them know you nominated them.
1.  My favorite color is blue, any shade, it doesn't matter
2. I love soccer, playing not watching (I avoid watching sports on tv at all costs, if you know my husband, you know why)
3. I love to read, write (was that obvious?), and paint
4. Family is the most important thing in the world to me
5. I've seen more movies than you :)
6. I love to do crafts with my kids
7. I'm a sucker for blue eyes (my husband's are perfect)
Other fantastic bloggers deserving of the Versatile Blogger Award, check them out :)
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I'm a little short on the 15, apparently I need to follow more blogs!!!


  1. Thanks Hope! And we will definitely need to talk movies! You'll be meeting a character in my MS with that exact same characteristic. :)

  2. Um, want another award? :)