Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fan the Flames

Melissa Sugar at Have You Heard? is hosting this magnanimous blogfest :)

I am not an experienced blogger. I don't have mad skilz with templates or links or al7kj*oiew@hlkj3 (that's my version of web code--see what I mean?).  The one thing I am good at is clicking the "Join this site" and "Follow Me" buttons. Sometimes, I even excel at the commenting concept, but I'm not an expert at that yet either, still trying.  

So, to help a fellow blogger out, these are the blogs I've joined since starting the 
Get Fired up Blogfest and/or they are blogs I already follow that could use some more follower love so check 'em out :)

Freya Morris
baglady's journal
Circulation in ACTION!
Mac Wheeler
Clare Dugmore Writes
Coffee and Cigarettes RAD Writes
CP Slayer
Cutest Landing
Write Here Write Now
A2Z Mommy and What's In Between
Chock Full of Words
Wendy S. Russo
Bonnie Rae Just Words
For now...its only just a dream
(Not) Just Another Writer
A Little Dversion
Dream, Write, Publish
Write Here, Write Now
A Rainy Day Writer In the Evergreen State
Hairnets and Hopes
Iain's Inspiration
A.E. Martin
Write On!
Freya J Morris
Janet B Taylor
Wonderfully Awesome Stuff
The Armchair Squid
Juliana Haygert
ka-ao: tell a fanciful tale
Theresa Paolo
Writing, Reading and Waffling
Addicted to Words
Scribble Babble
Kelly Valentine
Writers Journal
The Doubting Writer
Marta Szemik
An Author's Ramblings
Tales from the Rhon
Writing on the Wall
Thardrandian Thoughts
Analog Breakfast
The Jelly Beans of Writing

Pick five, pick ten, pick twenty! Hop over and follow to help spread the fire :)


  1. Love it! Love the fire being spread.... :D

  2. Awesome! Look at all those blogs :) I'll be visiting some for sure. I'm also a new follower on your blog. My debut novel, Oppression (Children of the Gods #1), just came out. It's a best-selling B&N Teen NOOK Book:

    I'd love it if you helped me spread the word. It's only $.99.

    So nice to meet you :) Looking forward to your posts!

    1. I'd love to help spread the word Jessica! That's so exciting! Congratulations! Thanks for the follow :)

  3. I follow several of those bloggers already! Glad you're not afraid to jump in with comments. That's how one builds friendships.

    1. Thanks Alex! Love your blog, inspirational and hilarious all wrapped together :)

  4. Thanks, Hope! This is awesome. I will definitely check out the ones I'm not already familiar with. :)

  5. Thanks for spreading the blogging karma. You really reached out. That list is impressive and I am sure they appreciate your blogging love and help. I am not an experienced blogger either, I don't know html from hotmail or java script from my coffee not exaggerating). I have been so blessed with help from the more experienced bloggers and they all made me feel welcome and included when I started blogging. I wanted to spread some of that around and you did just that. Good luck. Winners will announced soon so stay tuned. I plan to visit each and every blog you listed that I do not already follow. You did an good thing, Hope.

    1. Thanks Melissa, great idea! The blogging world is amazing :)

  6. Holy moly - Macarolly! Does that make sense? You're awesome girl. This was a neat blogfest for her to do and she has awesome prizes. Good on ya, girl! :)

  7. Ahh, my heart melts <3
    Ok, now I'm on a mission to follow more people. (I'm pretty good at clicking too;))

    1. It's so fun finding new blogs and following them :) Glad I've found yours!

  8. "The one thing I am good at is clicking the "Join this site" and "Follow Me" buttons." - loved this part :) I think you do just fine as a blogger! And thanks for the links, I like to find new blogs!

  9. These blogs have a lot of cute names. I will have to check them out. Thanks Hope.

  10. Thanks for the shout out, Hope! Much appreciated!! ^_^