Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 Stages of Blogger Loss

Thank you to the great and wonderful
for creating a safe place for writers to come together and share journeys. My journey has taken a turn and no matter how much I fight it, I'm afraid I need to buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

Everything happens for a reason, right?

This is me . . . chasing time . . . 

Because of this, and the fact that I've broken every part of the Blogger Code of Conduct, I am taking a blogging hiatus. It's been a long time coming. I realize I've been working my way through the stages of grief when it comes to blogging.

1. Denial--I can still blog. I can find time.

2. Anger--Agh! I will find time to blog!

3. Bargaining--If I stay up really late, I can whip out a quick blog post. I know I probably can't find time to comment until Saturday, but I swear I'll get to it after I do laundry and take my kids to sports.

4. Depression--I miss my blogging friends. I miss hearing what everyone's up to. I miss doing bloghops and entering contests and helping out other bloggers :(

5. Acceptance--I am not being a good blogging buddy. I need to prioritize and let it go (for now).

So, for a time, I bid you adieu and wish you well. I hope to check in from time to time to find out where your writing journey is taking you!

Happy writing :)


  1. When it becomes too much of a chore, then it's time to let go. But just think, now that you don't have to feel guilty and worry about getting blog posts up, and you can use that time more constructively.

  2. I think you just shot me straight from Denial to Acceptance with that outline. Damn, girl.

  3. Do what you gotta do and don't feel guilty about it. :)

  4. Ah, I'm sorry to hear. I love your blog. But! I totally understand that you need to focus on the priorities. Good luck, and I hope you come back!

  5. Enjoy your break Hope :)


  6. Take your time and do what you gotta do. We understand. Enjoy your break, Hope!

  7. I'll miss you! (here, because you know I'll continue to bug you elsewhere :) )

  8. As always, you have said the perfect thing in the perfect way making me wish I'd articulated it this well. ;) I totally get this. I think I may be soon behind you. I'll miss your posts while you're away!

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