Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Library

I love the library. Nowhere else can you find so many worlds and characters and journeys in such a small space. The possibilities are endless, waiting for you to explore, begging you to choose.

Some day, I hope to walk into the local library, head toward the R section and find my book sitting on the shelf. Or better yet, scan the online catalog for my book and find that it has 82 requests from patrons waiting to read my story :)

I am an avid user of the Hold Shelf system. My kids and I probably check twenty to thirty books out at a time. If I'm really on top of things, we swap these out every week or two.

I've just learned that I can request materials that aren't already in the online catalog. This past week I have requested my library carry a copy of five books:

Leigh Fallon's book Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark

Marta Szemik's book Two Halves

Ali Cross's book Become


Alex J Cavanaugh's book CassaFire

Jessica Therrien's book Oppression

If you have published a book or know of someone who has, let me know and I would be happy to request my library obtain a copy :)


  1. Hey Hope (what a lovely name!) I found you in the A - Z challenge. What a lovely feeling it would be to have your book sitting on the shelves in a big, cozy library! And to see that people are queueing up to read it! So wonderful! :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  2. It's so cool that you can ask your library to get you copies of cooks written by fellow bloggers!

    It is my dream to see my book in a library (and book shops!) too. :D

  3. I had to do this with Across the Universe after it first came out. It is a great way to help the author out and get their book in the public eye. ;0)

  4. That's a fantastic idea. My library keeps getting smaller and smaller, though. And trimming their hours. :o(

  5. That's really a cool idea - I love the library. So many books to read and yeah, I dream someday that 82 patrons wanna read my book too. :)

  6. I really should get to the library. That would save me a lot of money in buying books. But I love using my Nook when I work out and that's when I read the most...

    So I guess I'll just keep on asking for B&N gift cards :)

  7. i get kinda dizzy in the library... too much awesomeness! i just want to look at EVERYTHING!!!!
    very cool to request some books!
    i went to my library to drop off some bookmarks that were promotional materials for a book whose cover art i did, and the library flat out offered to pick up the book on their own.
    our library ladies are super cool!

  8. 'Some day, I hope to walk into the local library, head toward the R section and find my book sitting on the shelf.'

    That's what writing with Hope is all about, right? :)

  9. I go to the library every week with my children for story time. We were there just today! I love it too. I wish I could bottle the scent of it: books, books, books!

  10. *sigh* I could LIVE in a library... maybe it's time for a career change... ;)

  11. I'm so with you on hoping to see my book on the shelves one day! I would love that!!

  12. Thanks for signing up for the Blog O'hop:)