Friday, September 7, 2012

What I Did Last Summer part 3

What I Did Last Summer: Fact or Fiction? Blog Hop

Can you tell a great story, one that's so good, it's hard to tell if it's fact or fiction?

Story #1 told of a dad and his little boy in an aluminum boat, out to collect their crab traps when the son falls overboard.

Story #2 told of two sisters playing in the yard and woods when a banana slug falls on the smaller sister's shoulder ending all the fun.

And the FACT story is . . . the banana slug story! That was my sister and me when she was about 7 and I was close to 4. It's one of my few memories from the house we lived in Belfair, and an extremely traumatic one at that :) So gross! I also had a mouse run up my pant leg at that house, but that's another story, and another traumatic incident.

I apologize for not being around yet for this bloghop. I've been experiencing technical difficulties for a couple weeks (hoping those Frontier people will come to our house today--for the third time--to fix it correctly) and I'm long-term-subbing in a second grade class for the beginning part (two months) of the school year and I had two days to prepare--yikes! So, needless to say, I'm running around like a decapitated chicken one minute and dragging like a zombie the next, but I'll catch up soon ;)

Have a great weekend and I hope it's sunny wherever you are!


  1. Oh shoot. Got this one wrong. I'm 1/3 right so far.

  2. Oh Hope and your sucky internet :(. And that story would be traumatic enough to remember. Oh boy!

  3. A mouse running up your pant leg? Eeeek! ~Aidyl

  4. Well they were both so well written I thought they were both fact! Hah hah. Well done!

  5. Banana slugs are, well, kind of "eeww"-y. It says my comment is published so I'm really sorry! Darn return key! I've only seen banana slugs once in the Redwood Forest and I was shocked. Out where I live, nothing insect-like ever gets that big!

  6. I had never heard of a banana slug before - still don't know what they are, but the name fits, since bananas are gross and squishy, and slugs are gross and squishy too (even if I think they're cute :D).

  7. Yay, I think I guessed right! :D Great stories, Hope!

  8. One word. Salt.

    I used to love going out in the yard with my dad in the mornings and watching him sprinkle salt on the garden slugs, making them shrivel up and die. Die, slugs! DIE! LOL ;)

    There's also a great mouse-up-the-pants-leg story he tells. He used to, um, 'go commando' on the farm in the hotter months, and he'd been warned that he shouldn't do that. One day, a field mouse ran up his pants while they were harvesting hay. He had to shuck his trousers pronto, and he was eternally glad that he'd listened to his elders. hahaha xD

  9. Dang! I guessed wrong!

    I hope your computer is better now. I hate it when they get sick. It's so inconvenient! :)