Friday, October 12, 2012

Caught you! Now go wash your hands!

At the moment, I am at school, teaching a classroom of twenty-nine second graders probably reading them a story, giving them a spelling test or guiding a step-by-step drawing of a chameleon.                                     

More than likely, I'm asking one of them to get hand sanitizer because I just caught them with their finger up their nose.
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Anyhow, I'm "over" at Falling For Fiction today with the fabulous Emily R King. Come find out why she's so adored in the writing community :)

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. My 5 year old has that problem. I am trying to eradicate it because it just popped up lately. UGH!

    Wash hands. Wash hands. Wash hands. I feel like I repeat it a million times. And that's just for MY kids.

  2. I have three different hand sanitizers on my desk. People are disgusting.

  3. That is gross. My husband calls our children "carrier monkeys" because they bring home a lot of germs.

    Thanks for asking me to interview!

  4. Happy Friday!! Have fun with the germ monsters!

  5. My daughter is always saying her two year old has "jam hands" You know, little sticky hands that always feel like they're covered in jam. haha Long live hand sanitizer!!

    I'm a new follower btw.It's nice to meet you!:)

  6. Yeah, I wish I could keep my kid's finger out of her nose. It's an ongoing battle.

  7. That's not an image I want to take to dinner with me tonight.


  8. Yep - sounds like school. Last years kindergartners were terrible. I was always telling them to get a kleenex. Loved the interview with Emily!

  9. Great interview.

    I taught high school don't change much as they get older.