Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Fight, First Kiss Blogfest

Danielle at Entertaining Interests and Jackie at Bouquet of Books are having this action packed blogfest where they invite us to share our first fight and first kiss scenes in our WiPs.

Today, June 12 - Share your 1st FIGHT scene. It can be a lovers spat ...or a battle scene ...or a classic fist fight. It can be physical or verbal, fists or magic.

Thursday, June 14 - Share your 1st KISS scene. It can be a peck on the cheek or a full fledge kissing session.

This is from MY PROTECTOR: THE CALLING (what else do I ever post about?). Eri is at a training session with Grayson, Finnley is off doing 'Protector' things. Sorry for the length. I had a hard time finding a starting point without cutting too much set up.

            The hillside where we practiced wasn’t far from this peak. I thought Grayson chose that spot so no one would catch him training me. I guess it wasn’t the only reason.
“They’re far out this evening,” he said. “Doesn’t feel like one is approaching.”
“I agree.” I spoke as if he asked my amateur opinion. I took a couple steps forward, more to put space between us than to get closer to the creatures dwelling in the foothills.
“What does it feel like to you?” he asked.
I continued facing away from him to keep my emotions from flipping back to how he made me feel rather than what he asked.
“Um, it’s like I’m mad at something. Then it sort of grows to feeling furious. An all over furious, like if I move in a certain direction the rage will be satisfied.” I tipped my head, letting my hair fall around the flush coloring my cheeks. “That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?”
He huffed a rueful laugh. “You’re not crazy.”
I raised my eyes from the ground. “How does it make you feel?” I asked not sure what answer I wanted.
“It’s something like what you said. A powerful anger coming out of nothing. It scared me when I was younger.”
“Really? It scared you?”
The corner of his mouth crooked up. “Yeah, go figure, huh? I’m not as tough as everyone thinks.”
I doubted that. He fought the beasts for years, probably since before our people even settled here. I turned around again to center on the creatures, trying to ignore his display of vulnerability. The beasts seemed safer than he did, or how he made me feel anyhow.
“So does it still enrage you? Consume you?” I asked, hoping for some revelation to make the irrational bond make sense.
“Yeah, I suppose it does. But I know how to… exploit it, I guess would be the closest way to put it. I learned to get a handle on the aggression by enduring a lot of encounters with the creatures. A lot of bloodshed.” Darkness settled over his expression, making his features more severe before he looked away. “Too much blood.”
I wanted to reach out to him. I wanted to run from him. This was way more than I could handle, more than I ever asked for. Not that I had asked for any of it. But I was stuck with it and that was a problem I couldn’t hide from.
“What the hell am I supposed to do with this, then? I’m a girl, for Christ’s sake! I can’t be one of you! I don’t get to have those encounters. And if I can’t learn to control this feeling without fighting the beasts, you’re telling me I’ll be a slave to this rage forever? Or until one of these spells leads me to their claws?”
He spun and closed the distance between us with one stride, gripping my arms again. “That’s not what I’m saying at all. I believe you can learn to control how you feel. I think you can learn to use your rage.” He dropped his hands away, squinting down at them as if I was poison to his skin.
“How can I do that if I’m not allowed to be a Protector? That’s the only way to learn, to get the experience I need. You said so yourself.”
“No, it isn’t. If you’ll let me, I think I can teach you how to harness the anger. I can show you how to use the ugliness from this horrific curse.”
“You think it’s a curse?”
He said nothing.
Taking a deep breath, reigning in my emotions, I continued evenly. “I think it’s a gift, Grayson. Even though it’s a total pain in the ass, there is purpose behind this link. How many people can do this? How many of us have been given something that can save the lives of others? How can you believe this didn’t happen to you, to me, for a reason?”
“You think literally being drawn to the feet of a monster is a gift? You think having your free will stripped from you when confronted with a human-eating beast is a good thing? You’re wrong, Eri. It is a curse,” he seethed, teeth bared, lips pulled tight.
I refused to back down. Taking a step forward, I stared into his piercing eyes with as much conviction as I could possibly convey. “I was given this connection for some purpose. I’m certain of it.”
With that, I turned and headed in the other direction. Away from him and away from the creatures. 

What'd you think? 
Are fight scenes fun for you to write?

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  1. I love Eri's conviction that it's a gift and not a curse. Her defiance of Grayson was really powerful. You could feel the tension rising throughout the scene, and between every line of dialogue they exchanged thing got that little bit more strained between them.

  2. Every time I read an excerpt from this story, I love Eri more and more. She is a fantastic character, and I love that she wasn't afraid to offer a differing opinion, even though it would lead to a fight. Great work, as always! :D

  3. She definitely seems like a strong character. I like that she see's it as a gift; it says a lot about her.

  4. I love writing fight scenes. Nothing makes me happier than writing a nice bout of verbal sparring between a couple of characters.

    I thought your scene was very well done. Nice job!

  5. The whole time I read this I just wanted one of them to just grab and kiss. Haha!

    1. Hah! Glad I wasn't the only one expecting (and wanting) that to happen.

  6. I liked it. Great job. And yes, fight scenes are wicked fun to write. :)

  7. Ooh, he's gonna discover it's a gift right, with her help? LOL. I wanted them to kiss each other and get it over with!

  8. Everything I read about this wip sounds so good! I'm totally with Cassi, kiss already! I love it:)

  9. For a second I thought you posted your kiss scene then it turned. What a twist of events and so well written and gripping at the same time.

    I want to read more of this. So many questions!

  10. Eri seems like a kick-butt lead character. A lot of great tension between the two of them! :)

  11. Great characters! Nice dialogue. :)

    Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

  12. Wow, I really loved this. Your writing is very enjoyable to read, and I loved Grayson :)


  13. I love Grayson's struggle with his situation. Is it a curse as he mentions, or a gift? My guess is both.

  14. This scene was dripping with tension! And I agree with Cassie, some of it sexual :) I'm curious to know how this is resolved...

  15. Definitely loving Grayson's internal struggle. I'd love to know more about exactly what the "curse" entails, where it comes from, and the gender rules that are keeping her from realizing her true potential.

  16. This was really intriguing, and there was great tension throughout the piece. I'm curious as to why she can't be a protector just because she's a girl.

  17. AHHH! I love it! And yes, I think fight scenes are SO.MUCH.FUN! I might even like them better than kissing scenes. Don't ask me why that is. I think kissing scenes are harder for me. :P

  18. Wow! That was awesome! So much tension! Well done!