Monday, June 18, 2012

Inspiration, Creativity, and Support

We all need this right? Thank you Cassie for this cool new award and for being an amazing critique partner and friend. You are the inspiration I need on a daily basis :)

Rules to the BE INSPIRED award:

*Answer the following ten questions. 
*Tag five people to answer the questions.

1. What is the name of your book? 

My Protector: The Calling

2. Where did the idea for your book come from? 

I had a dream after sushi with friends and seeing the movie  Fast and Furious.

3. In what genre would you classify your book? 

YA Post-Apocalyptic

4. If you had to pick actors to play your characters in a movie rendition, who would you choose? 

 Click Here :)

5. Give us a one-sentence synopsis of your book. 

When Eri develops an internal link to the man-eating beasts plaguing the planet, she must learn how to control the Calling and gain the necessary skills to fight them or she’ll end up dead.

6. Is your book already published/represented? 

I wish :)

7. How long did it take you to write your book?  

A LONG TIME! Over a year. But when I started, I broke my story into three parts, not knowing much about word count or genre, ending up with three books total. Part one is the WiP I've been editing for a while (way too long!).

8. What other books within your genre would you compare it to? Or, readers of which books would enjoy yours? 

In my query letter, I compare it to Kimberley Derting's The Body Finder and Maggie Steifvater's The Scorpio Races, but this was more for the character motivation behind Eri. I'm not sure my writing is similar to either of their styles.

9. Which authors inspired you to write this book? 

I read a lot of Dean Koontz, Michael Palmer, Michael Chricton, and Tami Hoag before I realized I was writing YA (now I read a lot of), but I wouldn't say their writing inspired me to write this book, just to write in general maybe.

10. Tell us anything that might pique our interest in your book

If you like YA with a darker edge, you will like My Protector: The Calling. Wow, that was weak. How about cause I'd appreciate it if you did :)

Handing this award out to
Emily R. King

Thank you Jade and Melissa Maygrove for this award! 
Jade's blog Dream, Write, Publish is uplifting and informative. Hop over to Jade's blog to learn more the writing life in the land of hobbits :)  Mellissa has an amazing blog, especially her Grammar Police Mondays where she gives easy-to-follow advice on little things that can trip up a manuscript. Check her out here! I was fortunate enough to receive a five page edit from Melissa and OH MY GOODNESS she is good!

Rules for the KREATIVE BLOGGER award:
*Thank and link back to the awarding blog.

*Answer the following 7 questions. 

*Provide 10 random factoids about yourself. 

*Pass this on to 7 deserving others.

1. What's your favorite song?
Right now it's We Are Young, by Fun--can't hear it enough!

2. What's your favorite desert?
I LOVE desert! Sweets! Cakes! Ice Cream! Oreos (mint ones especially)! Chocolate!

3. What do you do when you're upset?
If I'm mad, I'm really good at dirty looks. If I'm sad, I like to eat desert. I hate crying and try my best to never get to that point.

4. What's your favorite pet?
We just had to put our dog to sleep (I cried). He was my first dog and before him I would never have considered myself a dog person, but I am thanks to him :) I do love cats though, too. But if I could have any animal as a pet, it would be an elephant. 

5. Which do you prefer? Black or white?
Black for sure, hard to go a day without wearing it.

6. What is your biggest fear?
Puke, snakes, snakes puking.

7. What is your attitude mostly?
Sarcastic, easy to laugh, easy to smile, but I'm not easy going :)

10 random factoids:
*I love garlic!
*I am a classic middle child, syndrome and all.
*I have a garden (only plants that are impossible to kill allowed) and I look at it every day :)
*I love sleep.
*I majored in sociology, emphasis in education (couldn't major in education at WSC).
*I have a memory like an elephant.
*I love to be warm, hot preferably :)
*I'm terrible with names, but never forget a face.
*I'm usually two minutes late.
*I've spent way longer on this post than I expected :)

Passing this along to

Trisha at W O R D S + S T U F F has (re) bestowed me with this award. 
Thank you for your blog and all of your uplifting comments, Trisha! Hop over to Trisha's blog to be entertained and inspired with writing, travel, and music. I'm picking five people who comment often :)

Giving this award to

If I haven't tagged you above, I'm handing these awards out to all who read this really long post! I thank each and every one of you for stopping by, commenting, throwing a bit of support around while scribbling our way down this road :) You all deserve an award so pick one or three and pass them along!


Stay tuned... Falling For Fiction Blogfest coming soon!

Falling For Fiction


  1. Thanks for the award! :D

    I love garlic too, but unfortunately, my mum hates it so I don't have it very often!

    1. You're welcome for the award :) I love reading your stuff!

      My mom hates garlic so I never had it growing up. I think that's why I love it so much now! :)

  2. Wow. I've totally forgotten what I was gonna say. Now I have to go back and re-read to remember my comments.

    1. Thank you for the award.

    2. Dean Koontz and Tami Hoag were a few of my favorites in those years between college and child rearing. I don't read them now. I don't know why because I'd still love their stories. They've probably written a ton of new stuff since I read them last, I should go check them out again. Take a break from contemporary YA.

    3. I like We are Young too. One of the cool things is my 5 year old daughter loves it. She always asks me to turn up the radio when we hear it in the car. Sometimes she'll spit out the 'i love this part' with a sigh. (where it totally changes tempo). It's cute.

    Okay, I think I got them all.

    1. You are very welcome :)

      My daughter and I sing that song as loud as we can in the car while my son covers his ears. I love it!

  3. Oh great, congrats on the awesome awards!
    And thanks for passing the Be Inspired award to NA Alley!

  4. Hope, we really need to hang out. We'll eat garlic bread and watch movies that make us laugh... no cry, and talk about how being the middle child has made us have a complex :)

  5. Aw, you inspire me too, Hope. I wrote my first book in two months, but it REALLY sucked, so I don't count that. The third one (which I'm on now) has taken a lot longer, and it's way better. Go figure, right? :)

    Congrats on your awards!

  6. So, so, SO fun, Hope! I love the positivity you always exude. It's fabulous. And I loved reading more about your story. Thanks so much for the shout out, means a lot! :D

  7. Man, now that I've read all of your book seeing the pic of Grayson really makes me swoon. ;0) And snake puke. HAHA. I love it. Thanks for the award. You're awesome.

  8. thanks, woman! thats a lot of awards! glad i can be part of it! and michael crichton inspired me too!

  9. Thank you for the award and congrats on getting three awards!! :)

    I am a classic middle child too - but I like being the middle child. :) I always tried to use it to my advantage. :) Also, I love sleep too!

  10. Thanks for the shout out. I'm also a middle child. Your biggest fear made me laugh, especially the snakes puking part.

  11. This was a fun post! Tami Hoag and Dean Koontz were huge influences on me too! How cool is that? I love sweets too and that is the first thing I do when I get upset--head for the sugary treats! Don't sweat it, you'll get representation--I've read the excerpts. You're quite talented. It's just a matter of time.

  12. Hey Hope! Thanks for the award! Whoo-hoo! I love that award! And your book sounds awesome, although I'm a little worried that you like garlic. Maybe I shouldn't be though. I use a lot of garlic when I cook! Three cheers for garlic!

  13. Wow, congrats! If you can handle any more awards, I left you the 7 x 7 at my blog. Your synopsis sounds great!

  14. Hey Hope,

    Thanks for the award - I really appreciate it :)

    Hope you getting some rest and don't worries about the comments... if you read my recent post... everyone understands when we can't keep up :)

    Take care, "see" you soon :)

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