Monday, August 13, 2012

Best of the Best--Flash Fiction

"So, you're telling me flash fiction is quick-paced, gripping, and twisted, just like flying, Goose?"
"Exactly, Mav. Plus, if you're inverted, that helps to add another unsuspected element."

I haven't done a Best of the Best for a while, and with the What if? Fairytale Madness blogfest going on this week with Cassie, Leigh, Mark, and Morgan, I thought I'd post some links for people to brush up on flash fiction writing skills to help with their 300 word tangled fairytale scene.

Best of the Best--Flash Fiction:

And to find out more on the WHAT IF? blogfest, click on any of the images to get to Cassie, Leigh, Mark, or Morgan's blogs.

I will post my fairytale flash fiction on Wednesday, hope to see you then!

Happy Writing :)


  1. Flash fiction is awesome - one of my blogging friends Michael does fun flash stuff for Trifecta prompts:

  2. Oh boy. I have enough work reading up on how to improve my novel writing. I think I'll stick to winging it on my flash fiction--it's just for fun anyway! :)

    Will be back Wednesday to see yours.

  3. Oh fun! Thanks for the links. I can't wait to read your 'What if?' entry :)

  4. I'm going to have to come back and read the links when I have a little more time! I love your lists. Can't wait 'till Weds.!

  5. Great links! I look forward to reading your What If entry! Happy Monday!

  6. Awesome links. Wish I had time to look at them right now. HAHA. I'll save them and come back to them because I love flash fiction.

  7. Thanks for the links! I look forward to reading your piece!

  8. That takes me back. Top Gun! Love it! Great links!

  9. Thanks for the links Hope.