Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Congratulations Kelley!

Kelley is awesome!

Check out her winning query entry--#9 Fraction of a Stone--on Krista V's Mother. Write. (Repeat.) An Agent's Inbox Contest.  Kelley is an amazing writer and critique partner.  Hop over to Kelley's blog to read about her current projects and followe her blog :)

It was Cassie Mae's idea to throw Kelley a cyber party, so you can help by throwing some confetti her way on your own blog!

You rock Kelley!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I literally almost cried! You are so sweet...

    This party wouldn't be complete if didn't throw some confetti your way! After all, you critiqued those first 250 words in the contest!

    Thanks Hope!!!

  2. Cyber parties rock!!!! Yay for Kelley!!! Wahoo!!! (yea, I shout everything I say, lol)

  3. Yeah for Kelly!! I just read part of that becasue she won my contest too. It was quite good :)