Friday, December 2, 2011


To query, or not to query, that is the question:

When is it time to query an agent? 

I thought I was ready for this a couple months ago.  My manuscript was written.  I edited a ton, two other people were editing it as well.  I researched agents.  I started reading books they represented.  I read plenty books and blogs about writing the query letter.  I wrote a query letter.  I entered a query letter contest. 
My query letter sucked.  I found out my query letter was not really a query letter.  Instead, it was more of a synopsis.
Okay, back to reading more about what a query letter is.  Rewriting of query letter.  More rewriting of query letter.  Having my CPs critique my query letter.  Submitting my query letter to the Query Goblin.  More rewriting of query letter.  Submitting my query letter to AgentQuery Connect.  More critiquing.  More rewriting.  Submitting my query to The Query Cat...
Anyone else sick of the word ‘query’ yet?
Is it done?  I have no idea.  It’s better than it was.  But is it enough to entice an agent into requesting my writing?  I guess that’s the real question.
What is the best advice you’ve read or been given about your query letter?


  1. Sometimes it's not the query. I've read some agents read the pages first, then if they are interested they go to the query. But even so, the query and the ms need to be both enticing enough for an agent to be interested. It's hard, and sometimes it takes sending off a few to test the waters. You're already on the right track posting it on forums and blogs to get feedback. Trust me, you'll get there. The query takes just as long as the ms sometimes.

  2. Well hello little lady. Just dropping in to tell you I gave you a blog award :)

  3. Thanks for all your support Cassie!!

    And thanks for the award Lynn(e) :)