Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Easily Flushed Blog Hop!

Dirty Underwear
I curled my legs up under me, wrapping myself further into the blanket.  I wasn’t even cold.  I wasn’t sure why he had a fire going, it being August, but I was thankful for the distraction.  “So they believed you had a woman in your cabin huh?”
“I do have a woman in my cabin.”  A sly sneer spread across his face revealing his teeth. 
I snickered at this.  “You know what I mean.  A real woman, not a girl.”
The sneer disappeared.  “You are not a girl Eri.  Please don’t think that.  I don’t think that.”  He shook his head. 
I turned my attention back to the flames, noticing my underclothing hanging on the fire poker next to where Grayson sat.  My mouth fell open and I turned the color of the coals.  “What is my underwear doing out here?” 
“I washed them.”  He said this as if it was an every-day chore.  “I tried to clean up your other clothes too, but there’s no way to salvage them.”
My underwear was hanging in front of Grayson.  He had washed them!  I started giggling uncontrollably.  Grayson looked at me oddly, his mouth hitching up at the corner.  “What?”
“I can’t believe you washed my underwear.  I can’t believe those men saw them.”
“Your virtue is safe with me Eri.  Don’t worry,” he said solemn, the frustration creasing his forehead again.
            That expression took the humor out of the situation instantly.  Why does he always have to get so serious, make me feel ridiculous?  I curled in as far as the blanket and the chair permitted.  Silence.

*excerpt from My Protector: The Calling*

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  1. Oh my... I would be so embarrassed if some guy washed my underwear...

    Unless it was my husband in which I would say... You did what? :)

  2. That would be HORRIBLE...Yikes! Great post :)

  3. Nice job. I've had a few underwear incidents. LOL.

  4. This reminds me of the old saying to "always wear clean underwear" or at least cute ones just in case ;)

  5. Yikes! I would be mortified if that were me. BTW I'm new here and I already love your blog/writing. Looking forward to my next visit:)
    Thanks for sharing Hope.

  6. Oh that's too cute. Hmm, I wonder if I can get my husband to wash my underwear. :)

  7. Heheheh - can you imagine?! Horrific moment :)

  8. I love it! Still just as awesome as the first time I read it. :)

  9. I totally want to know what happened before and next! I loved this. You also bring up a good point, those serious people take the fun out of so many things!

  10. Oh God. My face got red just THINKING about it happening to me. Great story!

    You can count me in as a follower! I'm also participating in Cassie's blog hop. Hope you can drop by my blog