Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Bloghop

One week until...

Is it Getting HOT in Here? bloghop

February 14th

Is there a kiss to remember in your past?

Do you have a flush inspiring love scene written in your manuscript?

Would we fall in love with your characters?

Those kissy scenes are challenging to write, but I love reading one when it's crafted so well it feels like I'm standing beside the characters, watching with inflamed cheeks as sparks fly between the two lovebirds.

Please share one of your favorite kissing scenes from a book you've read, from your own WiP, make one up, or write about one of your own memorable kisses. Then hop around to feel how sweet, romantic, or downright steamy other characters are getting smooched!

***If you can, please keep it as close to 300 words or fewer so we can all spend time with our Valentine's outside of the digital world too  :)  ***

To Enter:
1. Add your link to the linky links at the end of this post.
2. Post your kiss story February 14th and don’t forget to grab the Is it Getting HOT in Here? bloghop picture!
3. You don’t have to follow us, but it would be awesome if you do! We’ll follow you back ;)

The Prize:
2 lucky kiss stories will receive a 14 page edit from both Cassie Mae and me :)

You can sign up any time before the bloghop begins. Feel free to spread the word! We'd love to have lots of participants! Don't forget to steam up your Valentine's day with all the other kisses!


  1. I cannot wait for this challenge!!

  2. Already have it scheduled. Should be quite a day. Steamy.

  3. Verrrrry stoked... this is going to be a lot of fun :D And following you now! How was I not before???

  4. All signed up and ready to go! Sounds like a fun one. And whew! It took me like 10 attempts to follow you. (Stupid Google thingy!)

    1. It's gonna be steamy! So glad you beat the Google thingy ;) Thanks for the follow!

  5. I'm really looking forward to this one!

  6. I'm very excited for this! I already have my scene ready and scheduled to post on Feb. 14th! It's a little over the word count - 455 words, but they are all necessary words! :)

    1. I know what you mean! I feel like I took the whole set up away from my kiss trying to get it close to 300. Oh well, hope it's steamy enough ;)

  7. Hope, I can't wait for the Valentine's BlogHop. Working on my piece for tomorrow and I promise it will be as close to 300 words as I can make it.
    In the meantime, I'm awarding you the Liebster Award! You can see what it's all about in this post here. http://a2zmommy.blogspot.com/2012/02/liebster-award-im-blushing.html

  8. Wow!!! 60 people. That's awesome. I can't wait to read them all. It might take me a couple days though. LOL. Totally worth it. Thanks for hosting this.

  9. Huh, I thought I commented already. I think blogger is spamming me! But wahoo!!! Can't wait to read all them kissy scenes. And still trying to figure out which one I wanna use.


  10. Must remember to do this. Must remember to do this. Must remember to do this!