Wednesday, July 4, 2012

IWSG--Lessons Learned

I've been waiting for that spark--the idea to spin my imagination off into another world--to start writing something new. While I waited, I edited My Protector, and edited, and edited, and edited, still anticipating a dream or a nightmare or something to spur me in a new direction. 

I have started a new story and am in love with writing again. But not after an idea hit me. It came on the wake of a rejection. The emotions from that response sent me to my keyboard and Pigeon was born.

I've learned a lot from My Protector, but it needs to sit in a time out for a while. I may come back to Eri's story in the future. Right now, it's Pigeon's turn.

My insecurity as a writer is showing itself as lessons learned:
Lesson 1--knowing when to say when
Lesson 2--the time spent editing keeps me from writing any of that crappy stuff in my new WiP
Lesson 3--writing is a journey and loving where it takes me is a gift

I wish you the joy of story telling and the love of following your imagination-- 
happy writing :)

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  1. Writing so is a journey. Glad you have a new idea which you are pouring out to your keyboard.

  2. I'm about to that point with my one story. I'll query a bit more, but I'm done editing. I've got my other WIP that is out to betas. I want to get it going, excited to query it. Although I won't do it too quickly, like I did with the other one.

    So right now I'm not writing. And it feels weird. But I've got other WIPs to edit and I'm going to start plotting out the next WIP. Not excited about it yet, but that won't happen until I really start plotting or writing.

  3. Yes, sometimes things need to sit and marinate for awhile. And sometimes we just need a good break!

  4. Congratulations on starting a new story. It is great when a new idea hooks in and the getting to know you phase starts up! Have fun!

  5. Hi Hope,
    I just recently came upon your blog. I'm your newest follower! I love that inspiration blitz that comes from rejection. I'm currently letting my twice-revised novel "sit" until my August 4th wedding is over...and then I'm back to revising again. Sometimes you just have to let it be, and start something new! Great insight! Keep it touch.


  6. so glad your spark was rekindled!
    we can still trade stuff whenever you want!

  7. What's Pidgeon about. Glad you found inspiration and that a fellow IWSG postee is still writing despite the challenges.

  8. Thank you for lesson #3. It's an important one!

  9. When to say when? When you start rewriting your story back to it's original, first draft form. Then you know you've gone too far.
    Maybe that's just me?

  10. I love your attitude. Sometimes a unfortunately worded rejection can really spur you to get mad and think of something great and new to do. Best of luck with Pigeon! :-)